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He then recommends a new one and is happy to do so until I find one that does. Understanding and actively managing anxiety helps to go about your everyday life in a calmer way. Breath in and out slowly for as long as needed, focussing all the time on the breathe going in through the nose, lungs and diaphragm then out through the mouth. Usually to the count of 4 or more. Sometimes I even hold my breath for 4 before releasing. You can do this and people are not aware it's happening.

Do you do yoga? It's a bit like that. Ideally it's done with feet on the ground, however, I find it useful even when I have shoes on. Focus on your feet touching the ground while breathing slowly. Also have a look at the grounding thread under 'Staying Well'. Have you done this before?

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Have a look at mindfulness thread under 'Staying Well'. Again you can do this while you're out. It's being aware of the present moment, bringing your mind back to what you are doing. If you are out eating, be aware of every mouthful, how you chew it. Let the other person do some talking. I often feel not worthy enough for anyone to like you. Are you anything like that?

My psychologist says this leads to my anxiety and subsequently a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' i.

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I've been given homework to - become aware of my body responses and feelings e. After that I'm to identify what 'causes that fear' - look at why I go into such a fear response, e. So my psych has put to me is -. I do not fear not being liked, because we have both told eachother that we like eachother. I know myself very well and I know that I'm anxious about the anxiety itself.

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  5. I worry about being anxious, and I worry that I'll be anxious on a date so I'll vomit and embarrass myself. So by being anxious about being anxious, I'm just anxious! I went on the second date. I really like the guy, and I haven't felt this way about any other guy I've been on dates with.

    It started off rough for me. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom and I had a minor panic attack in there which for me means vomiting. But I was honest with him about it. I went back out and I told him I had had a panic attack because he knows that I do suffer from anxiety. From there the date went great. We ended up sitting in a park and talking for hours and he asked me questions about my anxiety so now that he knows symptoms and things that make me anxious, I feel so much better and like I don't have to hide it. But I'm the type of person who still pushes through and does things, even with crippling anxiety.

    I think for me, this is something I just have to get through until one day the anxiety passes, because I do really like him and he likes me, and I know I'm strong enough to just push through because sometimes the anxiety is something that I just have to get through! I do absolutely relate to your fear of fear. This happens to me all the time. Fear makes more fear.

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    Stopping the fear is the solution. Easier said than done I'm sorry.

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    I'm asking this because I too have severe anxietu and frequently have been nauseas and vomiting after eating out. While I suffer from severe anxiety and think part is due to this, I have also isolated that I'm dairy intolerant. So much food, drink white coffee contains milk, milk fats that I never realised until I was continually vomiting following a meal or drink out. But not at home. So, it got me thinking and I eliminated dairy from my diet and have not looked back.

    And I really mean eliminating 'everything containing dairy'. You have to ask for it. Vomiting while out is very stress provoking! Meditation - do a google search for meditation. There is a lot of material available on YouTube.

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    Make a selection of what you like. There is a lot of different material out there and it depends on your preferences. All of a sudden my head jerked toward the front door. I crept over to the door and stared through the peephole to see Sharon looking intently at the door. She was squirming where she stood and seemed to be rocking back and forth on her heels. I opened the door. She pushed open the door and tackled me to the floor with a hug.

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    My general anxiety was triggered with the realization that I was making physical contact with a girl almost 10 years my junior. I awkwardly wriggled from beneath her and slid across the floor to prop myself up against the couch. Sharon shifted to cross her legs. Sharon ran back to her car and came back with a bag.

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    Within 20 minutes she had taken over my bathroom and posted up on the couch. After the initial shock of my chat buddy showing up on my doorstep faded, things felt surprisingly normal. She posted up next to me with her laptop and I browsed the anxiety forum while sending her private messages. Somehow, it was easier to talk that way. We sat next to each other on the couch trading messages for the better part of an hour before she opened her mouth to say something.

    Sorry if I offended you. One day, I came home and turned on the television. Sharon turned to me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix. Can we please watch something else? I set the news to record to the DVR and tossed her the remote. We spent the next hour or so watching Cartoon Network while I caught up on some work I needed to finish by morning. Sharon stood up after and said she was going to take a shower. She disappeared into the bathroom and I queued up the news. Results 1 to 13 of Dating a girl with Social Anxiety? Anybody ever date a girl with Social Anxiety?

    My girlfriend doesn't have hobby or friends I got hobbies, friends, and I try to better myself. She doesn't work and has never had a job she plans to get one this summer. So when she doesn't have school, and isn't hanging out with me, she usually just sits at home and sits on the internet and does whatever she does at home. My school has a confessions facebook page, and lately its been flooded with "I have no friends and I feel so alone" crap and our school has like 25k students.

    I liked a friends post where he basically said that now is the time to change and making friends is never going to be easier than it is now, and my girlfriend got mad at me for liking such a "dick" comment, and for not understanding her and believing that you can just magically cure Social Anxiety. I understand it can't be magically cured My grandma wanted to take us out to dinner tonight, and she was fine with it, until today and she acts like I am forcing her to go to dinner with my grandma.

    She constantly thinks that I don't truly want to be with her and I am only with her because I like to hang out with her Everything can be completely good, and then the next morning she is all unhappy again, and it gets frustrating. My buddy invited us to go to his lake house over spring break, and she essentially ruined it for me because she thought I was being flirty and wanted to bang everybody elses girlfriends, when I was just having a good time nobody else thought this.

    She thinks everyone is judging her and she needs at least a days notice to basically do anything involving other people. Should I try to be more understanding of her social anxiety and not try to make her do anything involving my friends and family all the time? Or should I just find a girl without problems? That doesn't sound like social anxiety to me, it sounds like good ol' "Massive Dramatic Kunt Disorder".

    It sounds like you're in a difficult situation. Everyone has issues, that's life. I've yet to meet any singular person without issues. A lot of dating and relationships is really about whether our issues work with their issues. If you are hoping to change her, give up now. It's futile to try and change someone.