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Outsource your clicks The grey area of Online Dating. Online dating is weird as hell.

Hack into dating sites

So why is online dating still such a thoroughly imperfect experience? Amy Webb, like so many others, learned just how flawed the science of online dating is by going on a series of comically awkward dates with some pretty unbelievable how to hack into dating sites. Most people approach online dating like they approach joining any other social network: Set up a profile, upload a few photos that happen to be sitting on your hard drive, and fill out some personal info.

The difference, of course, is that dating sites have an objective far more specific than an aimless timesuck like Facebook.

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Webb kicked off her digital quest for a mate by listing 72 traits she wanted her future partner to possess, which is how she recommends online dating newbies get started. Her initial brainstorm included everything from personal habits and marital history to work ethic and Mac vs.

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how to hack a dating website

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