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Our wonderful grill is working like new again.

Can I Use Bulk Liquid Propane with My LP Grill? | Burning Questions | Weber Grills

Perfect repair for a failed factory part on an expensive grill from a home improvement warehouse. Made everything work better. Needed this part to go with the burner. Everything all together worked great. Just wished that it had come all together instead of shipping it separate. Would have gotten free freight if that would have happened. They perfected this "Y" and is it now available. I will be using this to run my gas grill and two-burner setup.

Great for connecting up a gas lantern in addition to the gas grill for night time grilling this winter. Happy I bought it. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. I ordered this Y fitting to make my own propane extension hose. It worked perfectly with the other propane fittings I ordered. I have an older tank with a quick-connect fitting.

I already had an adapter for the quick-connect fitting to the reverse-threaded female fitting, but my gas grill needed the large size fitting shown here. Elongated vs Round Toilet. Freestanding vs Built-in Tub. One-piece vs Two-piece Toilet. Pedestal vs Vanity Sink. Steam vs Jetted Shower. Wall Hung vs Floor Mounted Vanity. Wet Room vs Traditional Bathroom.

Labor cost by city and zip code Compared to national average Aiken, SC. North Las Vegas, NV. This Cost Guide is Featured On. Placement More people will look for homes in urban areas. Layout Single-story homes with an open floor plan will be in demand. Smart Homes Smart home features and automation will be popular going forward. This is about what I want for my pop up. Im so tired of those 1lb bottles, the cost and waste. I think your set up can be changed some to make that work. Thanks for the comment. Nice to hear that this might help you brainstorm a similar setup for your rig.

I am planning on doing the propane line mod for my Weber Q to run off one of my 10 Gallon removeble propane tanks on our Kountry Aire fifth wheel. Just gives me one less thing to carry. You mentioned that the 15 psi regulator will prevent that oily buildup in the hoses that one sees from time to time. Since you did this mod a year ago, have you found the additional regulator has in fact prevented the oil from forming in the lines?

Really like your videos by the way. And thanks for the parts list on this project. Made it really easy. Thanks so much for the nice comments and great follow-up question, Casey. We have not had a single repeat of the oil-in-the-propane-line situation since we installed the 15 PSI regulator about 18 months ago. I put the extend a stay T fitting in place and it had several leaks.

I took it out and put it back together like the factory had it and no leaks. So I tried yellow tape in the correct direction on both ends, still leaks. Tried again without tape, still leaks. Made the connections super tight on each end, still leaks. I am using a combustable gas sniffer, pretty reliable. Is there some kind of secret to getting this T adapter to not leak? We installed our tee years ago without a problem, and have been using it ever since with no issues.

Might try exchanging it to see if a replacement solves the problem. I went to Camping World today and bought the Mr. Heater version of the T Valve. Will try that and see how it works out. Since you folks have been doing this a while, maybe you could create some content around specific shops mobile or otherwise that you have done business with and had favorable results. Or perhaps, without naming names, a general guide to choosing the right shop and how to avoid bad ones. Hope you make out okay with the Mr.

Heater version of the tee, Chris. Glad to hear our videos have been helpful. Thanks for letting us know. As far as expertise regarding how to find a good shop, we might be the wrong ones to ask about that, since we do so much of our own repairs and maintenance. One other resource that can be of some use is http: Oops……I just read through some posts from last year on this subject. Looks like I may be ok without removing the regulator on the grill.

Can I Use Bulk Liquid Propane with My LP Grill?

The red 15 PSI regulator we added to the line is still much higher pressure than the grill uses, so therefore plenty of pressure to get over to the other side of the RV, and still in need of being regulated down to grill pressure. Now we did originally try adding a different regulator in the line before we settled on the 15 PSI unit. That unit, when combined with the one already in place on the grill was too low for the grill to operate double regulation.

Hope this is all clear!

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I just received all my parts. One question, I did buy the yellow tape but wondering the best way to check for leaks with all those connections. I only ordered the 12 ft hose and just realized I may be grilling very close to the coach. Thanks for putting this article together. The way we check for leaks is to mix up a small amount of dish soap into a plastic cup full of water, then pour the soapy water slowly over each and every connection, of course while the propane is turned on and the line under pressure. If you find a spot that you think is blowing bubbles, pour some more over to check.

It either blows one or two big bubbles, or a bunch of little ones that foam up. I added a 90 degree elbow I found at Lowes, and then I bought Mr. This part has the check valve, so now I can leave the regulator and fittings connected to the main propane tank and just screw on the hose. Some day, I will make a more permanent situation like yours and run the hose through the coach.

Propane Gas Fittings

We have a gas coach, so a bit harder to run the propane hose over the driveshaft and exhaust. Once again thank you for all your articles and help. We will be full timing it next year, and will have plenty of propane for the grill. Glad to hear that you pieced together a system that works for you! One thing you may want to consider is putting a shutoff valve after the 15psi regulator you could use the same one we used all the way at the far end of our setup, or something like it: Of course the Extend-a-Stay itself is permanently installed in the system, and stays in place at all times.

Can you verify this is the correct item as I we directed to Amazon from your listing. It appears this is terminator from the picture. I was curious on the Male adaptor as the picture shows it closed at the end. The female adaptor looks fine. All of the parts listed are exactly what we used… so if a picture looks wrong, the part should still be correct.

You guys are unbelievable! Hi Guys Great series. Using your links below the video, I ordered all the parts from Amazon. Before going that route, I looked it up on Amazon. They say they are sold out of the Model , which is the 15PSI regulator you suggested. Also, there appear to be 2 versions of this model. One is fixed, one is adjustable. Before going ahead, what do you recommend? If it is, I can use the one I have with an adapter.

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Should I get the fixed or adjustable model? If not available from Amazon, do you have another source? Thanks for your help! Sorry to hear you had trouble with getting the regulator we used. But the psi adjustable regulator should work just fine. Turned up to 10psi, that should provide plenty of input pressure for your grill to work.

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  5. Most low-pressure regulators like the one on your grill expect between about 5 and 20psi of input pressure. So 10psi output from the regulator you received should work just fine. Let us know how you make out! It worked, but not well. As we were about to leave on a long trip to Alaska, I had no time to get the 15 psi regulator, so I went back to the old way of using small canisters.

    I intend to replace the regulator when I get home.

    Please let us know how you make out when you get the new regulator installed and tested. I just bought a motorhome that has a tee after the tank regular with copper tubing and a quick disconnect on the other side. I was thinking of moving the tee in front of the regular so I can hook up my Weber grill.

    Do I need a 15 psi regular to prevent oil build up or does the copper tubing prevent oil buildup? Glad you liked the video… and thanks for letting us know about the problem with the link to the PDF. We just made a change that should have fixed it… so you should be able to download it now. Please let us know if you continue to have a problem with it!

    That is such a great video. We have the same grill, since our tank is between outside the door and the rear wheels do I really need a 15 psi regulator since we would only be attaching a 12 ft line off the tank. My concern it in putting the Tee between the tank valve and the switch operated shut-off valve. If there was a gas leak, or if going thru a tunnel or some other place which required gas to be shut off, I would have to climb into a basement bay to access the tank valve, a real hassle.

    Our tank is mounted between the chassis rails with remote fill and vent fittings at the side of the coach.

    I need to find out what the thread pattern is on the tank end of the electric operated shut off valve to see if it would fit the POL connection on the end of the Tee. This type uses the small tank connection, which might be easier to adapt: If you DO want to be able to connect to an external tank, and are willing to crawl under the RV to connect it, you can use the same setup we have, with the appropriate adapters. Good luck with your set-up!

    Thank you, Gentlemen, for the reply. I really need to find out what is at the input end of the electric valve. While that may not be specifically what you need, it may give you an idea that may be of help. You can watch that video here: Great idea as I have wondered the same. My question is the propane line is regulated to 15 psi but the BBQ also has a pressure regulator. Did you disconnect or bypass the BBQ pressure regulator? My small napoleon bbq has the pressure regulator built into the flame controller so a bypass is not possible.

    In simpler terms will the bbq work properly with 2 regulators? It will absolutely work with your grill, Tim, just as it works with ours. The trick is using the 15 PSI regulator at the T on the big supply tank. There would be too little pressure if you used two in the same line. Your video is incredibly timely. Thanks for all the informative videos you create. They are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much for letting us know, Allan! You mentioned you found oil in the regulator or your Q-grill prior to installing the 15PSI regulator. Did you have to replace the regulator on the grill or is there a way to clean it?